Behind every healthy pond is a great filter system. Pond filters are essential devices to achieve the perfect water garden system. The purpose of a pond filter is to remove algae and debris, such as leaves, waste, and other organics from the pond. Keeping the water healthy and clear. Without a filter, ponds are at risk of suffering from water parameter imbalances and algae problems.


Types of Pond Filters in South Africa


There are two purposes a pond filter system has. It needs to act as a mechanical filter and as a biological filter. Before we look into pond filters, we need to look into the two kinds of filtration.

  1. Mechanical Filtration: This is one of the main types of filtration that happens in ponds. The wastes and solids like the ones produced by fish can be separated and removed with this filtration system. This is an essential filtration system because it can strain solids from the pond water as it goes through it which is important for the pond’s biological media.
  2. Biological Filtration: In nature, the biological process of beneficial bacteria will also occur in ponds. When pond fish produce waste, it will slowly turn into nitrites, nitrates, and ammonia. If a biological filtration system is working improperly, the waste and bacteria can reach a point that is unhealthy for fish and other pond inhabitants. Biological filtration utilizes beneficial bacteria to help maintain water quality and make the water environment healthy.


Regular Maintenance


All ponds need regular maintenance. Remove uneaten food, algae, rotting plants, and other debris from your pond regularly. Skimmer baskets and filters should be checked every 1-2 weeks and Biofilters may need to be cleaned every six months to a year. A good stirring with a pool net will also help remove settled debris.


Filtration Systems


A combination of high temperatures and stagnant water can result in excessive algae growth. Algae are known to accumulate highly toxic substances such as zinc, selenium, and arsenic in their cells. These substances can cause serious diseases in fish; or worse, kill them.

To maintain a healthy pond, consider setting up a pond filtration system. A pond filtration system is designed to remove impurities, sediments, or pathogens from the water. Regular pond filtering keeps water clean helping support aquatic life. To prevent your pond from premature fish loss, set up a pond filtration system.

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