Aerated Bottom Drains

From R1,920.00

The addition of aerated bottom drains will increase the effectiveness of the drain tenfold. The rising air column creates a current that pulls water along the bottom of the pond towards the drain. This will increase the reach of the drain along the bottom of the pond to remove even more waste for truly superior water quality. The air diffuser has the added bonus of aerating the water as well.

Please note: concrete or gunite base


Aerated bottom drains integrate the suction point of the pond/drain with an air diffuser. This creates a current pf water towards the drain which assists in removing the solid waste whilst infusing oxygen (O2) into the water to increase the O2 levels in the pond.


This product is made for concrete or gunite Koi ponds and comes in two sizes:


  • 110mm Aerated Bottom Drain with a built-in air diffuser
  • 50mm Aerated Bottom Drain with a built-in air diffuser


Usually, placing the aerated bottom drain in the deepest area of the pond will give you the most amount of circulation and oxygen. Avoid placing the cover near the skimmer area if possible. The air dome when operating will create so much turbulence on the surface that it will prevent debris from reaching the skimmer.

A bottom drain will only draw in waste that is relatively close to it. To overcome this, contour the bottom of your pond to aid the bottom drains. From experience, we’ve found that a properly contoured pond bottom can increase the effective radius of each bottom drain.


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