Ultrazap Pond Biofilters

From R1,300.00

A quality pond biofilter filter is an essential piece of equipment necessary for any well-designed filtration system. Biological filtration is a broad term referring to the means of housing beneficial bacteria that are able to clean pond water at a molecular level.

In a natural stream or river, bacteria colonize the stones and pebbles at the bottom of the stream, which naturally breaks down toxins as the water flows overtop. It is this natural process that manufactured biological filters attempt to emulate.


An Ultrazap pond biofilter makes use of nitrifying bacteria that absorbs ammonia and turns the nitrites into less harmful nitrates. It’s essential that these bacteria receive the oxygen they need to survive, so this means running your pond’s pump 24/7. Without the pump turned on, your waterfalls will stop flowing and aerating the pond, which will kill the bacteria after it uses up all the oxygen in the water.

Keep your water crystal clear and free of toxins with the right pond filters for your pond. Since filters are one of the most important parts of any backyard water garden, we supply only the best products from the best brands.


UltraZap Pond Biofilter Sizes


  • 10L Ultrazap Biofilter – including 130 Bioballs for 5000 litre (40-80ml/min)
  • 15L Ultrazap Biofilter – including 200 Bioballs for 7000 litre (60-100ml/min)
  • 25L Ultrazap Biofilter – including 350 Bioballs for 12000 litre (100-150ml/min)
  • 50L Ultrazap Biofilter – including 735 Bioballs for 25000 litre (150-250ml/min)


Types of Biological Filters


There are different types of koi pond biological filtration systems and different features to look for depending on the size of your koi pond. Here are some of the most popular types:

Pressurized Filter: keep water moving throughout the system as it flows in and out. Unlike other types, the unit does not need to be kept above the pond’s water level but can be buried or hidden in a shed since the filtered water is pumped back into the pond.

Gravity Return Filter: Similar to a pressurized filter, gravity return filters pump water into the inlet by a pump either submerged inside the pond or outside. The water is filtered through, then naturally released back into the pond using gravity. For this reason, the filter must be placed above the pond’s water level so gravity can pull the water in.


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