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Known for their friendliness, Karashigois koi fish will be an excellent addition to koi ponds lacking a leader fish to help bring confidence to the rest of fish during feeding time. A Karashigoi is a yellowish or mustard colour looking Koi. It very much looks like a Chagoi but is more yellowish. It is mono or single-coloured. It looks light yellowish or can be a bit darker yellow. The colours really can differ for each Karashigoi.


There are a few types of Karashigoi koi fish. The Doitsu Karashigoi is scaleless or just has a few scales visible. The Ginrin Karashigoi has shiny diamonds visible on each scale. A normal Karashigoi. They really are a peaceful variety. They really calm down all the other koi fish in your pond. It’s easy to hand-feed them and all other Koi most likely will start to follow them. If you want your Koi to be tame, the Karashigoi really is a great variety to look for. Together with Chagoi the Karashigoi is the most popular variety to get your own Koi more tame and calm.


Selecting a Karashigoi Koi Fish


  • Karashigoi must as light as possible. Really light yellow. Sometimes that yellow will become more intense when the Koi gets more sunlight.
  • The intensity of the colour must be the same over the entire Koi.
  • No darker yellow spots or orange-looking spots on the Koi.
  • Ginrin scales should not be too visible like ‘right in your face’. It is preferable these are not that visible.
  • The scales should be nicely placed, especially on the back of the Koi. This is the first thing you will see when it swims toward you.


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