Ultrazap Bubble Bead Filters

From R11,995.00

Ultrazap bubble bead filters are a popular product in multiple industries and applications, it offers easy maintenance and effective filtration.

In addition to solids removal, these filters provide biological filtration, breaking down the nitrogenous wastes into non-toxic substances. The gentle backwash removes the collected solids while keeping the necessary bio-film intact.


Ultrazap bubble bead filters are closed (pressure) vessels filled with thousands of plastic beads. These beads are very close together and form a layer through which the water is forced by a pump. As a result, the dirt particles stick to the beads. If the filters are used for some time, the biofilm (the sticky layer) around the beads becomes thicker, so that finer and finer dirt is caught.


Ultrazap Bubble Bead Filter Sizes


  • 2 Bag Bubble Bead Filters – Supplied with media and blower
  • 3 Bag Bubble Bead Filters – Supplied with media and blower
  • 5 Bag Bubble Bead Filters – Supplied with media and blower


Healthy Environment


A bead filter works through biofiltration — the use of beneficial bacteria to break down debris contributed to water by fish and plants. So it doesn’t necessitate additives in pond water, making it a healthy option for a pond with fish.

Instead of subjecting fish to potentially harsh or unbalancing chemicals, a bead filter fosters a healthy population of natural, water-cleaning bacteria that process organic materials, such as fish waste. As fish contribute their waste to the water, the water’s ammonia level increases, but a bead filter keeps the ammonia level down and the pond ecosystem healthy. Even if you just grow plants in your pond, a bead filter can keep the pond environment in balance naturally.


Ultrazap Bubble Bead Filter Benefits


  • Superior pond filters
  • Gentle Backwash: Does not harm the bio-film
  • Simple: Easy to understand and operate
  • Reliable: No internal moving parts
  • Energy Savings: Efficient design
  • Low Maintenance: Backwashing is quick
  • Longevity: Media never needs replacement
  • Superior Clarification: Removes solids more effectively than sand filters


Self-Cleaning Filter Function


In the past, advanced filter system design, and efficiency can suffer due to a lack of regular maintenance. This has proved a major problem with many of the common ‘box’ and ‘chamber’ type filter systems where sediments can build up in the units, rapidly releasing nutrients that promote algae. Cleaning such units can become a real chore. This is not a problem for the Ultrazap Bubble Bead filter where the hands-free backwash process is simple and straightforward to run, allowing regular flushing out of collected wastes.


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