Ultrazap Pond UV Light

From R1,100.00

An Ultrazap pond UV light will disinfect water and kills free-floating algae. The purification process happens automatically and continuously disinfects without special attention or overdosing dangerous chemicals.

Ultraviolet sterilizers will allow a new pond to establish a balance sooner. It will also quickly assist in the re-balancing of an existing pond. Ultraviolet light disinfects water and kills free-floating algae.


There are a few factors you should consider when installing an Ultrazap pond UV light. The flow rate of where the UV is to be installed, the usable portion of the UV lights between water ports, and the UV lamp input and output wattage. Each manufacturer will have a different recommendation based on these parameters, so make sure you read carefully – but it is best to choose a model with more wattage than you think you’ll need.


Ultrazap Pond UV Light Sizes


  • 8w pond UV light – 6000L – 40 Lpm
  • 15w pond UV light – 15000L – 60 Lpm
  • 30w pond UV light – 30000L – 140 Lpm
  • 55w pond UV light – 55000L – 300 Lpm


How Does a Pond UV Light Work?


The UV works by sterilizing the water; as the water passes the UV bulb, algae particles are flocculated (or bound together) into clumps; these clumps are then caught in the mechanical filtration of your filter (foams, brushes, cartridges etc). This prevents harmful bacteria from developing due to a build-up of algae and keeps your pond clear.


Installing the U.V. Steriliser


The UV sterilizer should be the last piece of equipment in the system before the water is returned to the pond. It should be preceded by the biological and mechanical filters, and any chemical filter or heat exchanger in the system. These units have 50mm inlets and outlets and we use normal 50mm PVC pipe to join them into our systems.


Common Misunderstandings


While having a UV sterilizer contributes to giving you clean healthy pond water, there are a couple of common misunderstandings that people have about these products. Firstly, a Pond UV Clarifier will not filter your pond water. There are many pond keepers that see a clear pond and think they must have good water quality as well.

This is why a UV sterilizer is great to have along with a biological filtration system, not instead of. The filter is necessary for breaking down dead organic/inorganic matter and collecting the algae that the Pond Uv Clarifier clumps together.


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