Koi Fish South Africa

Koi fish add a unique and beautiful look to your pond. We offer a range of different koi breeds to suit everyone’s needs in South Africa. Ranging from small to large fish, we got you covered! Find the koi of your dreams at the most affordable prices. There are a few different factors that come into play with regard to how much they cost, but we have something for everyone. Our fish are healthy and of the highest quality, giving you great value for your money. Give your pond a new look with a wide selection of koi fish that have gorgeous vibrant colours.
kohaku koi fish


It has been said that koi keeping begins and ends with Kohaku. Any variety that contains red patterns, it’s evaluated on an examination of its Kohaku pattern.

Taisho Sanke

Taisho Sanke

Taisho Sanke was developed from Kohaku about 80 years ago in 1918 in the era of Taisho. The pattern consists of three colors: white, red (Hi) and black (Sumi).


Showa Sanshoku

Showa are beautiful koi, with colours of white, red, and black painted across their bodies. Showa are one of the Gosanke or “Big 3” koi fish .

karashigoi koi fish cape town


Known for their friendliness, Karashigois koi fish will be an excellent addition to koi ponds lacking a leader fish to help bring confidence to the rest of fish during feeding time.

hi utsuri koi fish south africa


The Utsuri Koi fish is a common category of Japanese-bred carp that you can find for your backyard pond. They are calm, with a peaceful temperament, and can grow up to 100 cm in length.

shusui koi fish south africa


Shusui was the first Doitsu variety of koi and is one of the only two blue koi! They are a Doitsu version of Asagi. Shusui do not have scales throughout their body only down the middle of their back.

asagi koi fish cape town


A flawless Asagi koi has a perfectly white head. However, these koi most often have grey-toned heads. Sometimes the head develops red pigmentation. They are one of the oldest koi varieties

koromo koi fish durban


The Koromo are white koi fish with a Kohaku pattern of Hi and blue or black edging on just the red scales. This feature earned Koromo the title of ‘robed-koi’. A well-balanced Kohaku pattern is ideal.

goshiki koi fish johannesburg


Shusui was the first Doitsu variety of koi and is one of the only two blue koi! They are a Doitsu version of Asagi. Shusui do not have scales throughout their body only down the middle of their back.

doitsu koi durban


Doitsu koi are a type of koi breed that lacks scales. They are scaleless due to a genetic mutation, fgfr1, that causes a partial to complete loss of scales. There are two main categories of Doitsu.

bekko koi fish western cape


The Bekko is a solid-colored non-metallic koi fish with black (sumi) spots on the body. They are produced in three colors; white, red, and yellow. The best color pattern is one that is elegant and simple.

yamabuki ogon cape town


Ogon koi are a single solid colour with a metallic appearance. This variety is very popular, particularly with those new to keeping koi. These fish can be a variety of attractive colours.

Benefits of Koi Fish

Raise Property Value

Raise the value, interest and marketability of your home by adding a new koi pond. Real estate agents will tell you that prospective buyers are attracted to things like a beautiful-looking koi pond and are prepared to pay more for the property.

Happier Family

Koi ponds are an ideal place for family gatherings if you are looking to spend more time outdoors with your family. Koi ponds are a wonderful place for families to hang around over generations considering the fish could live up to 50 years of age.

Koi Relieve Stress

Having peace and quiet in your backyard with the sound of running water is a great way of relieving stress. Spending time next to your koi pond is a great way to rejuvenate one’s inner spirit and getting into a relaxed state of mind after a long and tiring day at work.

Fish Make Great Pets

Koi fish are not difficult pets to take care of and they are wonderful social creatures that bring so much joy. They give you a reason to get outside and enjoy your back-yard more often. They love to interact with people especially at feeding times.

Brings Good Luck

In the Japanese culture, koi are believed to bring fortune and good luck to their owners along with strength of purpose and perseverance in the face of adversity. For those looking for a little extra luck in their lives, koi could bring you some good fortune.

Normalize Blood Pressure

Relieve stress and anxiety disorders buy getting a koi pond. Stress takes a toll on one’s body, especially with high blood pressure and heart conditions. A tranquil koi pond and be a massive stress reliever and help to reduce health problems.

About Koi Fish

Looking for Koi Fish? We got you covered! Here at Koi Fish Cape Town, we offer a large selection of Koi Fish for sale in South Africa.

We have a wide range of beautiful koi fish for sale in all different shapes, sizes, and colours. There’s something for everybody in every budget range. These gorgeous fish are docile and gentle by nature. As long as they have adequate space, proper water filtration, and food, they are extremely easy to take care of.

Watching koi swim around can be a calming and relaxing experience. They can be trained to eat the food right out of your hand. People who own these fish as pets take great pride in watching them grow. They do grow to a very large size so make sure you have adequate space for them in a few years when they reach their full size.

Having a pond in your back-yard is the best way to keep these beautiful fish. Not only do they provide great habitats for your new pets but it’s a relaxing space to hang around with family and friends. Ponds do require more maintenance than aquariums so that’s something to consider when purchasing koi.